Welcome to Haluza – Israel's first Smart City

The smart city of Haluza is a comprehensive program for a progressive, sustainable society based on concern for human beings and the environment, along with the optimum integration of science and technology. An egalitarian society that respects every race, religion, sex or nationality, and is based on the freedom of wisdom.

A policy in which the human being is the focal point underlies the vision of the smart city, which strives to achieve the maximum in every area and provide its residents with the right to develop and to realize the personal potential inherent in each one of them, acknowledging that meeting the needs of the individual benefits society as a whole.  

The smart city will be an independent economic unit, with everything that implies, and will be managed by its residents.

In this plan, the Negev (a desert region in the south of israel), health, education, water and renewable energy form the basis for building the smart city, in which advanced technologies will be optimized to serve man in the 21st century.