Smart Housing for all Residents

Do you know another place in Israel or in the world where everyone has identical and equal opening terms, including use of the most advanced technologies? In the smart city of Haluza each and every resident, beyond having an equal voice and equal voting rights, has a smart house, whether he lives in a studio apartment, a 4-room apartment or a private house beside one of the many ponds in the city.


What does a smart house mean?

Imagine yourself entering your new home. It is a smart house equipped with the most advanced technology there is, electronic locks, a built-in infrastructure for video calls and a smart electricity system, VOD TV and more. In this house you don't have to pay for electricity, gas, water or municipal tax because the city provides its residents with their basic needs. All residents have a smart card with which they pay for travel or groceries, speak with friends and unlock their front doors. All the technologies that are part of the city are connected to each other to benefit the residents and to maintain harmony in the city.