City Administration

In the smart city of Haluza, striving for the welfare of all is not just an empty slogan and dead words on paper. Haluza has set itself the goal of bridging existing economic and social gaps, while exercising the principles of joint interests, responsibility, transparency and a supportive community structure. These principles demonstrate that mutual dependence is the reality now required for the advancement of mankind.

The management of Haluza is based on the use of mass democracy. In Haluza, each and every resident has an equal voice and an equal right to vote in the joint management of the city, and also to propose new initiatives.

The solutions that emerge in this manner genuinely work – they are not imposed from above, but arise from the grassroots. This is also the proper way to think of democracy.

A direct democracy that relies on collective undrstanding increases the chances of adopting good policies. Groups that encompass a diversity of abilities, interests and information yield superior collective judgment.
A healthy democracy needs a steady stream of information, which it receives from voters. This information, that ensures the diversity of the system, can’t be predicted by experts.

Most political decisions do not focus on the question of how something should be done; these are decisions on what should be done.There is no reason to believe that decisions that are connected to values and decisions on the type of society in which it is worthwhile for people to live, are better made by experts than by the average voter.