Inspired by "Ben-Gurion"

In 1955, David Ben-Gurion summed up his credo in the speech "The Significance of the Negev." The following quotes relate to the three essential challenges, envisaged by Ben- Gurion:


The Test of Creativity and Israel's Capacity for Science and Research

"It is in the Negev that the creativity and pioneer vigor of Israel will be tested, and this will be a crucial test. Israel's capacity for science and research will be tested in the Negev and it is incumbent upon our scientists and researchers to focus on new areas of research which residents of the North will have need of: research to desalinate seawater with inexpensive processes; to exploit solar energy which is so abundant in our country, and especially in the Negev; to use wind power to generate electric power; to prevent the wastage of scarce rain water which flows unused to the Mediterranean or to the Dead Sea; to build ponds across the length and breadth of the Negev for collecting precious rain water, to investigate the vegetation found in the Negev, despite its aridity….it is incumbent upon Israel's scientists to reveal the secrets of nature that are unique to our land…."


The Test of Youth

"It is in the Negev that the youth will be tested – its pioneer strength, vigor of spirit, and creative and conquering initiative. Will it take advantage of the greatest, most precious and rarest opportunity in the history of the entire nation – to create anew and to be fully immersed in creative enterprises, which necessitate infusion of the special and most wondrous properties locked and hidden in the recesses of the soul of each human being, the properties of creative valor which gain control of nature's strongholds, and fashion the destiny of a people and its country."


The Test of the People, its Unity, Capacity for Implementation, Ability to Pull Together in a Joint National Mission

"It is in the Negev that the people of Israel will be tested - For only with a united effort of a volunteering people and a planning and implementing State will we accomplish the great mission of populating the wilderness and bringing it to flourish. This effort will determine  the fate of the State of Israel and the standing of our people in the history of mankind.”

David Ben-Gurion, January 1955


From "The Renewed State of Israel" (October 6, 1963)

"The Negev is a great Zionist asset, with no substitute anywhere in the country. First of all, it constitutes half of the State of Israel…the Negev is a desolate area which is currently empty of people, and therein lies its importance.  What it lacks is water and Jews. It has the potential to be densely populated, even amounting to millions….two million Jews can be settled there with agriculture, and two million with industry."

>> Note from Haluza staff:

The quotations brought here came from Ben Gurion during the first years of the state of Israel. We chose to use them because they capture Ben Gurion's pioneer spirit and visionary thinking. We have no intention of establishing an explicitly "Zionist" or "Jewish only" city. We are guided by the notion of creating "an egalitarian society which respects every religion, race, sex or nationality" and we stand behind every word!