Register and Obtain a Resident's Number

What lies behind the registration?

Since the new city's underlying ideology is the desire for an egalitarian society where mass democracy is implemented, we would like future residents of the smart city of Haluza to be involved in important decisions that will impact their lives in the smart city, right from the stage of construction. Registration also serves as a quick and effective means for realizing the vision underlying the establishment of the smart city of Haluza. Implementation of the vision depends on how many people register. 


What does registration give you? 

Everyone who registers will receive a resident's number, which ensures them the right to an equal voice in the smart city.

Everyone who registers will receive the right to vote, as an equal among equals.

Everyone who registers will receive ongoing updates on the progress of the project.


What obligations are entailed in registration?

Registration does not obligate the registrants in any way at all, not even for the purchase itself of property at a later stage. The only thing that lies behind the registration is ensuring the rights of the registrants, so if you want to live in a better world by right and not by sufferance, all you have to do is register.


How do you register?

The following details should be written on the form to the left:

First name, last name, ID number, family status (single/married/parent+?), residential address, email address,  cell phone (You can also send your Facebook address) 

Only after receipt of your personal data, will you be recognized as being registered for the smart city of Haluza and be given a resident's number.


Details on purchase of the apartments will be sent later to all those who registered.


Pioneers Registration