Pioneers of Peace – Who are we?

Shmuel Dreilinger

Artist & building contractor. Has founded & managed construction companies in Israel & the USA.
Dreilinger has a vision that has inspired him since 1982– to establish a smart city in the Negev to promote peace and well-being in the region. During the 30 years he has been investigating the issue & promoting the concept. During this period, he traveled the world and studied different cultures & communities.
In 2008, he established the "Pioneers of Peace" association to drive the vision and to attain national consensus.


Meirav Harel

Publicist, journalist and producer. Meirav worked in advertising and marketing management for about 15 years, devoting the last five years to leisure journalism as a writer for the Ynet website and "La-Isha" magazine, and the production of video clips for the Internet.


Smadar Kalchinski

Artist, actress, painter, and former international model. Smadar began her film career in 1982 and since then has taken part in at least 15 films and TV series. She has simultaneously developed an extensive career as a model and presenter, a make-up artist, instructor and seminar leader on make-up, and has also written a column on personal care and quality of life.